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Fall in Love with Pre-Loved

Sarah Daley consignment designer brands preloved fashion

  As investments go- clothes, shoes and bags are a losing bet. Look up your favourite brand on eBay and you’ll find that even brand new with tags, the fashion you love has lost at least 50% of its value just for the crime of leaving the store. Sure there are “vintage finds” that are worth a lot of money but they are the exception- not the rule.

   Most of us end up shopping for what basically amounts to “disposable clothes”- clothes that we wear for one season and then either discard, donate or pack away until we purge. I’ve been guilty of that myself, particularly for trendy styles that I’m not sure are going to last more that one season. After all, why pay $100 for a top when I can buy one I like for $30. Why indeed? A few years ago I started buying specific pieces of higher end clothing with the intention of owning them long term. Brand aside, once you start wearing good quality clothing, you won’t want to go back. When you can wear a piece that retains its shape and colour wash after wash, year after year, there is something satisfying in that. Of course, not every piece of clothing that you buy is a staple piece that you will want to keep forever.

    A consignment boutique is your source for both short term trendy fashion, and keep forever pieces. Many people confuse consignment boutiques with thrift stores. Consignment stores are not dumping grounds for clothes no one wants. They are carefully curated collections of clothes, shoes and bags that are brand new or gently used. They come from people’s homes and often from stores liquidating their unsold inventory. Most consignment stores are very particular about the brands they accept and carefully inspect each item of clothing multiple times. Any flawed items are rejected, or – if there is still value in the item, the flaws are highlighted so you know exactly what you’re buying.

    It is the best of both worlds – brand name and high end fashion with much lower prices. And the best part is – when you are done with the item you can consign it and get some of your money back – Sweet!

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