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Brand of the Week- Naya Shoes

Sarah Daley highlighted fashion brand

Naya is a mid-range, dressy shoe brand owned by shoe-giant Brown Shoes. One look at these shoes and you can see the quality. Beautiful soft leathers, substantial soles – the perfect marriage of beauty and comfort. They also strive to be eco-conscious by using vegetable-tanned leathers, natural materials such as cork, and natural or recycled fabrics. The thing I love about this brand is the attention to detail. There is always something unique and unexpected in a Naya shoe. Sometimes it is the shape of the shoe, other times it is the mix of materials used or an unexpected embellishment. These shoes are generally a twist on classic styles. Retail they cost between $100 and $150 depending on the style and material. Get them for much less at Kimberly’s DeJa Vu Boutique!

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