Please call to book an appointment to consign your items 613-966-3352 . Hours are Mon-Sat 10-5 Thurs & Fri 10-6. Email is
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How to Consign

Clean out your closets!!

Put together no more than 20 items for Kimberly or Brenda to review folded in a reusable shopping bag or laundry basket by appointment only.

Please call the store to find out what we are looking for and book your appointment!

If items are selected they are placed in the boutique on consignment for 3 months. The first 2 months they are full price. The 3rd month if they are unsold they become 1/2 price. Any items remaining after the consignment period they are placed on a charity rack and taken for a donation to Fixed Fur Life or they are donated to a local non profit charity.

When your items sell you get up to 40% of the sale.

- Items need to be clean and in perfect condition ( ie no holes stains odors...etc)

- Unfortunately we have stopped taking "value brands" including Old Navy, Walmart, Suzy Shier, Giant Tiger, Alia etc...

-We only take clothing during the season that it is worn. Bring us your winter coats in November and not in June!

Here is a short list of some brands we LOVE:

Michael Kors, Joie, Nicowa, J Crew, Coach, Kate Spade, Save the Queen, Miss Me, Joe's Jeans, Silver Jeans, Cambio, Apanage, FDJ French Dressing, Naya, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Banana Republic, Tribal, Kenneth Cole, Miss Mooz Town Shoes etc.

Click below to find out how we decide whether or not to accept your shoes on consignment